Meet Scuba Shop Scheduler,
your planning dive buddy

Scuba Shop Scheduler enables you to focus on the experience you provide
to scuba divers by better managing your diving trips' planning 👌


Where it helps your diving shop

Manage trips easily

Diving trip planning

Effortlessly schedule your diving trips with divers & instructors

Online booking

Online booking

Collect bookings anytime, anywhere by adding a 'Book online' button to your website, Facebook, Instagram or any other app

Adapt to ship capacity

Boat capacity

Check how much room is left on your boat to accept or reschedule new divers' booking

Retrieve divers details

Divers details

Receive all divers' details (certification, dive history, expectations, ...) before the dives to save administrative time and better prepare your diving trip

Create diving groups

Diving groups

Split the divers into groups with or without instructors to have a solid plan for the journey

Available anytime anywhere

Always available

On your phone on the boat, or on your laptop in the dive center, Scuba Shop Scheduler is available anytime anywhere



    Manage diving trips

  • Unlimited diving trips
  • 15 days history
  • Divers, Instructors & Boats
  • Diving groups
  • Reschedule divers
  • Better booking

  • Diver details pre-registration
  • Online booking
  • And more...

  • Mobile app
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    Manage diving trips

  • Unlimited diving trips
  • Unlimited history
  • Divers, Instructors & Boats
  • Diving groups
  • Reschedule divers
  • Calendar per instructor
  • Better booking

  • Diver details pre-registration
  • Online booking
  • Booking customization
  • Diver reminders status
  • Diver payment status
  • Diver personalized trip review
  • And more...

  • Mobile app
  • Diving trips Excel export
  • Zapier integration
  • Divers listing

Do you need a planning management software for my dive center?

Yes, I need to better manage my trips

Do I still have room on my boat?
Did I bring enough instructors?
I can't take bookings when I am under the water
I am spending too much time registering the divers' details!

Yes, I need to better manage my employees calendar

How else do I easily know that my instructor isn't double booked for the day?
Or that another trainer is available?
Or how could I have a monthly overview of all my activity?

Yes, I want to receive online bookings

I want to set up the system in 30 seconds
I want to provide my divers with easy booking so they don't go to my competitors
The availability of my diving trips is updated in real time

Having access to all this information on a mobile app or from any computer or laptop is crucial!
This is why we brought Scuba Shop Scheduler to life, so you can focus on the core of your business: providing lifetime memories to divers

Frequently Asked Questions

No, there is no need to enter any credit card information

It is a matter of seconds. Just create your account, register your center and you are good to start planning

Yes, you can claim multiple centers and manage the plannings for each with one account. However, the subscription is per dive center, so you can have one center with the free plan and another with the advanced plan

Yes, Scuba Shop Scheduler is also available as a fully optimized mobile app. When browsing Scuba Shop Scheduler from a mobile device, you will be prompted to install the app

Scuba Shop Scheduler is officially supported on the latest versions of Chrome and Edge. We also support all latest versions of major browsers. However, we don't support IE 11 or below